Details. March 13-15th.

Dear SuperStates Families,

The 2020 SoCal SuperStates has been postponed.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I felt motivated to find a way to give our youth this last great event before things got really crazy...but today, with all the news of cancellations, and after consulting our board of directors, coaches of the largest programs, and persons in the medical field, we felt the socially responsible thing to do was to postpone the event.

Among the main reasons are that our players will be coming from all over Southern California, then returning back to many places that have not yet had a case of the virus reported. While we realize that this virus will likely spread to many of us in the coming weeks or months, we do not want to risk playing a part in accelerating the spread of the virus.

Besides those who helped me come to this decision, I'd like to thank my wife who reminded me that we could not think about financial ramifications when making this decision. We will have details ASAP.

Thank you for your understanding. We are hopeful that the virus will not disable our communities, and that we will be able to find a date that works for most everyone.

URGENT: If you booked a room at the Hyatt, make sure to cancel it ASAP!!

CHECK you later!
"Coach Jay" Stallings, Director
California Youth Chess League

About 2020 SuperStates Tournament

We are excited about another fantastic SuperStates! We will do our very best to make your weekend be memorable. Please email us if you have any questions or special needs.

Click to download flyer.

All players compete on both Saturday and Sunday. If you need to miss a round, you can request a “bye” and it will give you a break from that scheduled round and you receive half-credit (1/2 point for the Championships sections, 1 point for the JV sections).

Besides the main event, there are two side events – Bughouse (teams of two in a crazy variation of chess!) on Friday, and Blitz (speed chess) on Saturday night. If you stay in the Hyatt on Friday night, you can play Bughouse for free (just email us the name of the player).


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